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Welcome with all on The Tree with Palaver, place of idea & beauty exchange, in eclecticism and good mood, around the human & the world… It’s a Tree with Palaver, because it’s the place where in Africa, one finds oneself the evening come in a village, to start discussed long & surging, but also to tell, organize the city, or to speak about lighter thing… This is the place of the speech and logos, word and listen.

We invite you to add your grain of salt - or of sand - to this building of brushwood. It needs your participation to grow, but you will be able can find thereafter, freshness & shade, as well as humanity, which is sometimes lacking in our urban deserts. Appointment thus, in any place of the world & at any time, on the Tree with Palaver, to offer your contribution, lean if it still is more powerful than silence…

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Montreal…between utopia and realityMontreal…between utopia and reality

Rich in culture, keen on tradition and folklore, generous and welcoming, the vast majority of Quebecers will do their best, I hope, to maintain a delicate balance between cultural diversity and political independence


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C'est le chiffre avec lequel il faudrait multiplier les dépenses consenties par les gouvernements pour lutter contre la faim dans le monde, lors du dernier sommet de la FAO (4.500 millions d'euros), pour obtenir le coût des dépenses militaires de ces mêmes gouvernements (850.000 millions d'euros pour 2007).
On dépense donc 190 plus pour s'armer que pour nourrir...

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